As a Councillor for the Town of East Gwillimbury, I am honoured to witness the spirit and unity that national celebrations bring to our community. With Canada Day festivities approaching, we eagerly anticipate the joy and camaraderie that these celebrations foster. The vibrant displays of fireworks during Canada Day have always been a highlight, drawing families and friends together to celebrate our nation’s history and achievements.

As we look forward to these festivities, it's important to recognize the diverse cultural heritage that enriches our town. Diwali, the festival of lights, is a significant celebration for many in our community. 
Town committees are currently exploring incorporating fireworks into Diwali celebrations reflecting our commitment to inclusivity and cultural recognition. This celebration of light, joy, and togetherness is a wonderful addition to our town's festive calendar, symbolizing our appreciation for the cultural diversity that makes East Gwillimbury a vibrant place to live.

In this spirit of celebration and heritage, I believe it is time to revive another important tradition: Victoria Day fireworks. Victoria Day, commemorating Queen Victoria’s birthday, has long been a significant day in Canada’s history. It marks the unofficial start of summer, a time when communities come together in celebration and reflection of our historical roots.

Unfortunately, in recent years, we have seen a decline in the observance of Victoria Day within our town. However, the importance of this day should not be understated. Victoria Day provides us with an opportunity to reflect on our history, celebrate our heritage, and reinforce our national identity. By reinstating fireworks on Victoria Day, we can once again bring our community together in a shared celebration of our past and present.

The return of Victoria Day fireworks will not only honor our historical traditions but also enhance community spirit. It will serve as an additional occasion for families and neighbours to gather, celebrate, and create lasting memories. Fireworks are a universal symbol of celebration, and by including them in our Victoria Day festivities, we signal our respect for tradition while also looking forward to a bright future.

In conclusion, as we embrace the festive spirit of Canada Day and explore Diwali with spectacular firework displays, let us also revive the tradition of Victoria Day fireworks. Celebrating these diverse and meaningful occasions allows us to honour our heritage, promote inclusivity, and strengthen community bonds. I invite all residents of East Gwillimbury to join me in supporting the return of Victoria Day fireworks, ensuring that our town continues to be a place where history, culture, and community thrive together.