As your Town Councillor and Chair of the Finance Department, I am excited to announce the beginning of our 2025 Budget Deliberations. Our town is growing and evolving, and it's crucial that we align our investments with the needs and priorities of our residents. To do this effectively, I am launching an eight category survey to gather your valuable input.

Why Your Opinion Matters

East Gwillimbury is a community built on collaboration and shared vision. Our strategic plan reflects our commitment to creating a vibrant, sustainable, and inclusive town for all residents. However, to ensure our future investments truly resonate with your needs, I need to hear directly from you. This survey will be a key tool in my leadership and supportive roles of our budget and determining the areas that will benefit most from our resources.

Survey Focus Areas

The survey will cover several critical areas of our town's development:

1. Community Development and Infrastructure

  • Assessing the current state of our roads, parks, and recreational facilities.
  • Identifying needs for new community centers and infrastructure improvements.

2. Economic Development

  • Gauging the importance of attracting new businesses and supporting local entrepreneurs.
  • Evaluating current employment opportunities and economic growth initiatives.

3. Environmental Stewardship

  • Understanding the priority of sustainability and environmental protection projects.
  • Gathering feedback on current natural resource management efforts.

4. Public Safety

  • Measuring satisfaction with fire services.
  • Prioritizing investments in public safety and emergency preparedness programs.

5. Community Engagement and Communication

  • Assessing the effectiveness of our communication channels.
  • Identifying ways to enhance resident engagement and public input.

6. Health and Social Services

  • Evaluating the availability and quality of health and social services.
  • Prioritizing programs that support the well-being of seniors and vulnerable populations.

7. Cultural and Heritage Preservation

  • Gauging the importance of preserving cultural and historical landmarks.
  • Assessing satisfaction with current cultural and arts programming.

8. Financial Management

  • Evaluating our town’s financial management and budgeting process.
  • Identifying priority areas for financial investment over the next five years.

How to Participate

Participating in the survey is simple and takes only a few minutes. Your responses will provide me with the insights needed to make informed decisions that reflect the collective vision of our community. The survey will be available online throughout the summer.


Be a Part of the Change

As we move forward with the budget deliberations, your input will be instrumental in shaping the future of East Gwillimbury. By participating in this survey, you are not only voicing your opinions but also taking an active role in the development of our town. Together, we can create a community that is prosperous, sustainable, and reflective of the needs of all residents.

Thank you for your continued support and engagement. I am committed to ensuring that your voice is heard and that our town remains a place where everyone can thrive.

Stay tuned for more updates, and I look forward to your valuable feedback.

Best regards,

Brian Johns
Town Councillor and Chair of the Finance Department
Town of East Gwillimbury